The architectural richness and the diversity of the styles of decoration and arrangement of these different monuments give to the city a capital patrimonial of the most prestigious of the country. Among this heritage figures sites of a romantic nature such as Menara, Agdal, Arsat Moulay Abdeslam, Palmeraie ...
The city of Marrakech has been a cultural crossroads whose influence extended to North Africa and Andalusia. From that time, have remained the famous ramparts of the medina with their monumental doors or the mosque of Koutoubia. Located near the souks of the medina, the architecture of Koutoubia is representative of Almohade art characterized by a certain sobriety. Later, it is the Arab-Andalusian architecture that will prevail in the city. Witness the Medesera Ben Youssef, dating from the 15th century, but also the palace of El Bahia Palace, a real Riad with its gardens and interior patios, as well as Dar Si Saïd museum . This heritage has been enriched by some achievements of the colonial era, such as the Jamaa El Fna post office, the former bank of Morocco, the Great Church … Today all this legacy is still visible in the new constructions of the city like that of the Royal Theater.