Ambiance extrêmement vivante

To get an idea of the richness of the Marrakchi handicraft and to give you the knowledge of its 40 000 craftsmen, nothing beats a stroll in the souks of the medina among the most famous of Morocco for their diversity and the atmosphere the souks of Marrakech are unique in the world in their organization and size.
It is a very rewarding experience for the visitor. They have traditionally narrow lanes, which intersect, stretch intertwine to form the impression of a mazewhen entering for the first time. to protect yourself from the sun. The souks are organized by district and by profession.

The creative Maillechort

This copper-zinc-nickel alloy was developed in 1819. In Marrakech, the designers found him an extremely creative use: hammered, polished, engraved, it is used to make boxes, dishes, mirror frames, jewelry, trays, etc. . Easy to machine and solder, its very shiny silvery look blends well with other traditional materials used by artisans such as wood, copper, trimmings or pottery.

Each souk has its own name, according to the specialty :

  • Souk Chouari is the main carpentry souk, primarily with goods made of fragrant cedar wood
  • Souk Haddadine is the blacksmithing souk
  • Souk Seffarine : brass souk.
  • Souk Fekharine : poetry souk
  • Souk Cherratin specializes in leather goods, including traditional Moroccan babouches (slippers), bags, belts, purses, wallets, and anything else made with leather.
  • Souk Sebbagine.
  • Souk Smata is the main area to find babouches, also known as the slippers souk.
  • Souk Attarine.
  • Souk Bab El Khemis(a local place with its sales of clothes, utilitarian objects, a sort of flea market, available every Thursday and Sunday during the whole day).
  • The Moujmar El Frara complex

Located 8 km from Marrakech, you will find in this complex a wide choice of potteries. This marriage between tradition and modernity generates original products with high quality that respond to contemporary sensibility. Many creators, Moroccans or foreigns, reinterpret materials and tradition to produce modern objects and "trends". Marrakech has become a real temple of design. While most of designer boutiques are located in the modern district of Guéliz, now we canfind them in the medina.

Information  :

The souks are open from 8:30am to 9:00pm, some settling later in the morning. Many shops are closed on Fridays.
Sometimes merchants leave their shop for a few minutes, during prayer. A little patience, and the object of your dreams will be in your possession.