The different districts of Marrakech

Authentic concentrate of the Orient: palaces and monuments ...

The Marrakech’s medina (DJemaa El Fna Square )

A multifaceted animation known for its shows and the cosmopolitan character of the crowds that frequent it, this place offers very varied atmospheres: snake charmers, acrobats, musicians, actors of theater, herbalists, and astronomers ...Each time and in an improvised way this animation always renewed scenes. This cultural space, and place of brewing and exchange, is a means of communication, reflecting the historical depth of the heritage it conveys. The medina is the preferred area to discover the true Marrakechand its people.

The Mellah

The Mellah in Marrakech refers to the area where the Jewish community resided. In cities all over Morocco, Mellahs flourished and became small cities within cities.Marrakech’s Mellahwas built in 1558, under the reign of the Sâadien ruler MoulayAbdallah. You will discover the souks with its various colors and scents, the souk jewels, bakers, tailors, sugar traders, a historic atmosphere that remembers the old wooden buildings, the place of tinsmiths or the crafts produce atypical objects in tinplate in their old traditional crafts, and especially the two synagogues Neguidim and Alazma.


Bab Agnaou is one of the 19 gates of the old city. It is more precisely the entrance to the royal kasbah in the southern part of the medina of Marrakech.The Kasbah district pays tribute to the Saadian dynasty, which marked the city from the 14th to the 16th century, through the presence of tombs. Also close to the Kasbah Mosque, El Badii Palace preserves the remains of the Saadian influence.


Gueliz is the modern area, also said the European quarter of Marrakech. Located outside the ramparts, it is the district of the offices, shops, restaurants, that is to say, more generally, the daily life of Marrackchis and, in particular, Westerners who live in Marrakech. Gueliz is like the administrative and economic center of Marrakech, hosting most of the headquarters of institutions and companies, Gueliz also focuses today on cultural activity, with the Congress Palace, the Royal Theater and some cultural institutes.

The Hivernage quarter

Although not far from the Old Town the Hivernage quarter offers a radically different view of Marrakech. This avenue lined with greenery was recently extended until joining the ramparts of Agdal. It is born from the construction of the first casino and the few built hotels. The Hivernage is a quiet and bourgeois district but the area can also comes alive at night, particularly in the areas where some of the most prominent addresses of the Marrakchia nights are concentrated. This residential area includes most of the hotels in Marrakech, luxury restaurants and festive places.

The Palm Grove quarter

The city of Marrakech has hundreds of palm trees located north of the city (the city of palm groves) because it is 13 thousand hectares and has about 150 thousand palm trees.
This space offers the opportunity of an escape to the city gates in an environment where nature still propose the walksfor the whole family and to have a golfing pleasure, you can also find in this district hotels , a museum,and private villas..