An impressive green heritage

During the nine centuries of its history, Marrakesh has accumulated a significant green heritage. Since its creation in the 11th century, the town has become a model garden-city. The urban part of the Medina was then surrounded by a green ring of orchards and vegetable gardens. Since then, some districts have taken the names of their gardens. (Arsat Missiouni, Arsat Chbani, Arsat El Bardii...) Beyond the walls, was the private estate of the Palmeraie with its thousands of hectares of palm trees, of diverse fruit trees and intercalated cultivated fields. Green rings were arranged in terraces forming a succession of farmed fields and orchards all the way up to the N’Fis River which is the border of the suburb- gardens. Marrakesh is today the conservatory of all the styles of gardens known in the Kingdom since the12th century. For example, the historical gardens of the Agdal and the Menara, the Arsats or gardens that have been developed since the 18th century. Marrakesh now comprises 67 green spaces divided among the
five “arrondissements” (administrative subdivisions of the city) covering 284 hectares.

Much more than Oasis, Marrakech is a real garden city: the four corners of the city unfold green spaces that reflect the commitment of Marrakchis for garden art. This art has always been regarded as an expression of the art of living in Marrakech. Since its inception in the eleventh century by the Almoravids, it represents a model of the garden city. The total area of green space is around 350 hectares, not counting the Palmeraie (10 000 hectares), the liveriae Agdal (500 hectares) and the olive grove Menara (80 hectares). All of these areas gives the ocher city an average of 11 m² of green space per capita, the global ratio of green areas per inhabitant recognized worldwide being 10m.².

In Marrakech, two of vile rub: the old town within its walls, and the new city with neighborhoods of Gueliz, Hivernage and Avenue Mohammed VI. Extensive, the city lends itself to walking, cycling or horse-drawn carriage in the tradition in Marrakech.
Gardens and green spaces are everywhere in the city, understood within its walls. Le Jardin Majorelle, Parc Moulay Abdessalam, the Bahia Palace Gardens, orchards Menara Agdal and many others are, each in their own style, so many places of tranquility, relaxation and delight.