The Koutoubia, the most known and visited monument in the city, thanks to its superb minaret, true architectural master-work of Hispano-Moorish influence is next to a pleasant green area, the «Lalla Hassna Park which spreads over an area of some two hectares of rose
trees romantically trimmed.
Facing the minaret, a wide path crosses the entire park, at its edge stands a large fountain and in its center a long basin goes along the path. At the core of the park, rises the municipal library and a koubba (white dome), grave of Lalla Zohra, daughter of a liberated slave, whose legend tells she was a woman during the day and a dove during the night, to escape her old master’s attentions. Visiting this garden will also be, the opportunity to admire the relics of the Almoravides palaces.


  • Location : Mohammed V Avenue
  • Access : Open Garden
  • Free entry
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