cuisine-marocaine-1Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the richest in the world, known for its profusion of flavors and colors, the result of multiple cultural heritages (Berber, Arab, Jewish, Andalusian). This cuisine is characterized by the mixture of sweet / salty and the contributions of many spices, again present both in savory dishes as desserts. Moroccan cuisine is a reflection of its history and successive peoples who settled there.
Thus, spices were introduced by the merchant caravans from India or Egypt, the sweet-savory mixtures by Arab-Andalusian civilization, grain dishes by Berbers or pickled vegetables by Jews.
A key feature of Moroccan cuisine is its rich aromas, fruit of the various spices used. In the souks, you will undoubtedly be captivated by the colorful stalls of spices and the powerful scent of freshly picked herbs. spice merchants will be happy to share with you the secrets of Moroccan cuisine, so do not hesitate to pick up some recipes!
Diversified by region, the dishes are nevertheless present throughout Morocco and shared in all families, including those made during a family or religious holiday. You will have the opportunity to taste probably the tajine, a preparation that cooked in a clay dish stew, the couscous, the emblematic dish eaten every Friday by Moroccans, the pastilla, a farce usually consists of chicken or seafood locked in a phyllo sheet msemen, pancakes eaten usually at breakfast without omitting the harira, a complete soup can be eaten at every meal of the day.
cuisine-marocaine-2And what about the Tanjia Marrakchia, The typical dish of the region of Marrakech. At the bottom of a flat oval ground mutton seasoned with saffron and cumin, will cook for hours in the embers.
For dessert, treat yourself by Moroccan pastries: peanut-based, with crushed almonds, sesame, pistachios or dates, or in the form of biscuit soaked in honey, pastries are the pride of Marrakchis.
To you briouates, seffa, batbot, beghrirs, chebbakias, and others ghoribas, the list is endless!
If you want to discover the secrets of traditional Moroccan cuisine, many cooking courses exist in Marrakech.

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