Authentique et Chic

Crafts, fashion, design, trends of traditional inspiration or future ultra contemporary are in Marrakech more thanelsewherealways source of emotion, of a thousand and one tensions …International luxury brands and designer workshops are very high and each one in theirownway, the whole expression of an art of living.

To have the pleasure of shopping you have an appointment at severalspace in Marrakech we propose :

The souks of the medina

The souks , meaning markets in English - are located in the medina and are accessible by the Jemaa-el-Fna square, they are one of the most important places of commerce of the city since this activity gathers more than 40 000 craftsmen, specialists in many areas, simple and sometimes unthinkable!
The souk of Marrakech is an open door to a maze that aims to plunge into a show dazzling sounds, exotic scents and colors.

  • Souk Chouani ( is the main carpentry souk, primarily with goods made of fragrant cedar wood )
  • Souk Haddadine ( is the blacksmithing souk )
  • Souk Seffarine ( brass souk )
  • Souk Fekherine ( poetry souk )
  • Souk Sebbagine
  • Souk Zrabi
  • Souk Smata ( is the main area to find babouches, also known as the slippers souk )
  • Souk Cherratine ( specializes in leather goods, including traditional Moroccan babouches (slippers), bags, belts, purses, wallets, and any thing else made with leather )
  • Souk Bab El Khemis

In addition, In the heart of the medina of Marrakech, a place that offers a unique experience, An invitation to travel, to discover the traditional Moroccan costume and its accessories, a century old Ryad named "History of Caftan", which combines a museum at a concept store.
History Caftan is a place of exchange and sharing, which aims to promote the Moroccan clothing heritage. It is also a tribute to the ancestral know-how of traditional Moroccan haute couture and a showcase for Moroccan creators and young talents.


Located in the south-east of the medina, the Mellah is the old Jewish district of Marrakech. You will find in particular the place of tinsmiths, very animated, which concentrates many workshops of craftsmen working the tinplate and where you will be able to buy handicrafts with a very good price, directly out of the workshops.
A few meters away, do not miss the largest jewelery souk in Marrakech, which includes fifty shops selling mainly 18K gold and silver coins, as well as the huge spice souk that occupies part of the market covered.


If the medina concentrates countless artisans and merchants in its labyrinth of alleys, Guéliz also hosts chic and trendy boutiques of creators, designers and art galleries.In the district of Guéliz, you will find shops specialized in decoration, fashion…as well as large luxury brands.
In the process of development, Marrakech is finally seeing flourishing shopping centers that combine various shops, mainly clothes, supermarkets and pleasant cafes with terraces.
The district of Sidi Ghanem, industrial, artisanal and commercial zone of Marrakech which bring stoge ther creators, designers, craftsmen and whole salers specialized in the latest trends. Located on the Safi’sroad, the place is quickly accessible by small taxi from Jemaâ-el-Fna.