Built by Mehdi Mnebbi at the end of the 19th century, it reveals the art and architecture of palaces of a whole era. The residence was built in the peristyle design according to which the rooms are built around an open- sky patio. The Douaria, which has become a contemporary art space, was used to accommodate the kitchens. The hammam which we can reach through the main living room is outstanding with its plaster-carved cupolas. Wishing to keep and promote the national patrimony, everything is done to help visitors appreciate the Moroccan national traditional art (14th century – 19th century) and contemporary art as well.


  • Opening hours: Open daily from 9h to 18h30
  • Location: Ben Youssef Square.
  • Phone: +212 524 44 18 93
  • Fax : +212 524 44 19 01
  • Web :
  • Email :
  • Rates: 30 dhs
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