The Museum of Photography and Visual Arts

The Museum of Photography and Visual Arts (MMP +) is currently located in the heart of El Badii Palace. Snapshots of a dozen Moroccan artists exhibited temporarily or permanently highlight of engaged contemporary works.
One of the intentions pursued by this particular museum is to arouse curiosity and facilitate access to photography and visual arts in Morocco, which still suffers from an elitist image.
Compliance with international conservation standards as the MMP intends to apply requires the construction of the new building, with an area of 6000m², including the upcoming opening is scheduled for January 2016. Designed by architect David Chipperfield, the museum will be located near Garden Menara. It will include static and kinetic works related to architecture, design, photojournalism, fashion and culture.
Besides his art gallery, the building will also include a theater, bookstore, café, exhibition rooms and educational spaces.


  • Opening hours: open every day from 9h to 17h in winter, and from 9h to 18h in summer.
  • Location: 2, Derb Cherif, Diour Saboun, Marrakech, Medina
  • Telephone: +212 5 243 783 73 - +212 6 104 080 96
  • Web :
  • E-mail :
  • Rates: Adults 20 dhs. Children 10 dhs.
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