The only evidence of the religious almoradive architecture in Marrakesh, this four-pillar rectangular-shaped edifice, is topped by a dome on the outside decorated with raftercrowned blind arcades that frame a heptagonal star. This decor is like the one we can see on the vault of the al-Qarawiyine in fes(859-1135) or the Qahwat al Qubba in sousse (11th12th centuries) in the upper parts of the building there are open spaces forming multi-shaped blind arcades.
We can find similarities with the blind arcades and decors of the mosque Bab al Mardum in Toledo. The interior of the Qoubbat reminds us of the art at the time of caliphs in andalusia. Massive raised multi-foiled arches erected right on the square cornice surface form the frame of the floral cupola. This design, prevailing in the ancient times, is a reminder of a glorious past and the numerous exchanges between the Western world and the orient.


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