giving access to the medina in the past, the 10 gates through the walls, “bab” in arabic, are often impressive. some of them have inspired other towns of the kingdom.
Bab Agnaou: (the gate of “the hornless ram”) was given this name because it had lost its two towers. it was built in blue-grey stone from gueliz. Nowadays it has become nearly red because of the desert sand brought by the wind. it is the main entrance to the kasbah.
Bab Er- Robb: this red-ochre, door called “grape juice”, was used for controlling the entrance of spirits.
Bab El Khemis: giving access to the souk bearing the same name
(meaning Thursday, because of the market which used to be held on that day). The structure of the gate seems to come from andalusia.
Bab Aylan: it bears the name of a Berber tribe and is notable for its angled shape. it was built by the almoravides.
Bab El Jdid: it is the most used gate of the medina. it is situated between the renowned Mamounia Palace and the neighbourhood of the hermitage.
Bab Douklala: a massive gate, right up two square towers, near the bus station, gives access to the north of the medina.
Bab El Debbagh: giving access to the tanners’ district, this fiverounded angle gate dates from the almoravide era.

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