human beings always feel the need of mediators, men known for their righteousness, their detachment from the world, their faith in god and their “Baraka” as we say in Morocco.
holiness is a deep concept anchored in the Moroccan mentality. The saints cover the entire national territory according to a kind of sacred geography. They cover local limits in the regional or national neighbourhoods.

in Marrakesh, the saints are numerous and the city’s status as capital of the empire quickly attracted people from all horizons. The diversity of the origins of its population meant that it needed to be homogeneous and the saints largely contributed to that. Their mausoleums can be found inside and outside the city walls. They can be found in the cemeteries, near the mosques, or even in the craftsmen’s quarter. in Marrakesh, there are many saints. however most people know mainly the seven saints i.e “sebaatou rijales” for instance:

  • Sidi Bel Abbes
  • Sidi Youssef Ben Ali
  • Cadi Ayyad Ben Moussad
  • Sidi Ben Slimane
  • Sidi Abdelaziz Tebbaâ
  • Sidi Abdellah El Ghazouani
  • L’Imam Souheili

Informations pratiques :

Access to the mausoleums of the Seven Saint is reserved for Muslims.

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Map and Itinerary for SEVEN SAINTS