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Horse-drawn carriages

This mode of transport which has stood the test of time due to its adaptation to the Medina road network, has given rise to a means of entertainment and a walk for tourists eager to discover Marrakech at the rate of an ancestral mode of transport. Several richly decorated horse-drawn carriages crisscross the alleys of the Medina as well as the paths of olive groves and palm groves, now melted, in the exotic decor of the ocher city.

The Tourist Bus

For a visit to Marrakech, red buses from the public company ALSA are also a good way to discover the ocher city, crossing its different districts, from the medina to the city's centers of attraction.
18 stops are available, which you can get on and off the bus as you wish, depending on the pass chosen.

Marrakech by sidecar

You are a couple, or honeymooners on a honeymoon or simply travelers looking for unique experiences, opt for slow travel with vintage vehicles: Marrakech by Side Car is an off-the-beaten-track experience that tailor-made for you. opens the doors of secret houses and lush gardens, which will wander you on forgotten paths by making beautiful encounters.

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