Art of Living

The souks

To get an idea of the wealth of craft marrakchi and you realize the expertise of its 40,000 artisans, nothing beats a stroll in the souks of the medina among the most famous of Morocco for their diversity and atmosphere extremely vivid that prevails. These souks are organized in guilds: Souk Cherratine for leather goods, Zrabi for carpets, Fekherine for pottery, Sebbaghine for dyers, Seffarine for brass, to name a few ... The "maâlem" experienced craftsman, is the guardian of the know-how and trade secrets.


Moroccan art can be classified into two categories: urban and rural. The first is steeped in tradition imported from East or the Muslim Spain. The Eastern influence is perceived especially in carpets, fabrics and embroidery while the Andalusian pageantry is still seen in the arts of ceramics, metal, wood and leather. Berber or rural arts have a bare look. The objects often have a utilitarian function: furniture, tools, utensils, indispensable to the daily life and some ornaments for community celebrations.


The Seven Saints

In Marrakech, the Saints are many and its status as capital of empire to soon attracted to her people of all backgrounds. The diversity of origins of its population required a cement unit to which the Saints have contributed. Their mausoleums now stand inside and outside the walls they are either in cemeteries or near mosques or even in artisan neighborhoods.