The souks

To get an idea of the richness of the Marrakchi handicraft and to give you the knowledge of its 40 000 craftsmen, nothing beats a stroll in the souks of the medina among the most famous of Morocco for their diversity and the atmosphere extremely alive and well.

Crafts in Marrakech

Moroccan art can be classified into two categories: urban and rural. The first is imbued with traditions imported from the East or from Muslim Spain. The oriental influence can be seen especially in carpets, fabrics, ...


The art of tea is almost as ceremonial as in Japan. Each region of Morocco has its method of preparation, even if the infusion of black tea leaf in boiling water, which is then added mint leaves ...


The carriage is the most original means of transport to walk and visit Marrakech and its Palmeraie. In a setting appropriate to each carriage, visitors enjoy for one to two hours according to the chosen formula of the charms of the imperial city ...


Like the argan tree, cedar is an emblematic tree in Morocco. The most famous and dense cedar is undoubtedly that of d'Azrou, even if we find this tree in the forests of the Middle Atlas and the High Atlas.


Hospitality in Morocco is sacred. When a family receives guests, they are comfortably installed in the large lounge reserved for the occasion on large sofas. After the service of the traditional mint tea, ...

The Seven Saints

The human being always feels the need to go through mediators, men recognized for their righteousness, their detachment from the world, their strong belief in God and their "Baraka", as we say in Morocco.