Located south of the Palais Dar El Makhzen, and designed in the twelfth century under the reign of the Almohad ruler Abdelmoumen, the Agdal Gardens know their present form from the nineteenth century, when they are closed by an enclosure .
The panoramic terrace of Dar El Hana, situated on the largest garden pond (Es Sala), offers fabulous views of the mountains of the chain of the High Altas. In summer, this area allows you to enjoy the freshness and rest in the shade of apricot trees and olive trees.
Khettaras, smart irrigation system that uses several reservoirs fed by the waters of the High Atlas allow a perfect irrigation of the entire garden.
Originally basins Agdal, like that of Menara were immense reservoirs which provided irrigation water gardens but also used to regulate the flow of khettaras and séguias.

Practical information :

  • Hours : Fridays and Sundays, from 7:30 am to 17h.s/li>
  • Location : Near the Bab Hmar
  • Free entry.