Arranged under the Almohad dynasty in 1147 by Caliph Abd al-Mu'min, the Menara is a large garden with forty species of trees, dotted here and there with palm trees and cypresses.
At the heart of this garden covers a wide pool around which rides are popular
The basin is supplied with water through a 700 year old hydraulic system, khettaras, which brings water from the mountains located about 30 km from Marrakech. This basin allows including irrigation of the olive grove.
In addition to its utility functions and leisure, this basin was used to train soldiers Almohad swimming, preparing to cross the Mediterranean to Andalusia. .
He faces a small pavilion covered the classic pyramidal roof with green tiles. The internal and external decoration of the pavilion is made of friezes composed of repeating geometric patterns painted in ocher on plaster, painted wood frame and mosaic coverings in polychrome ceramics.

Located about 30 minutes walk from Bab Jdid, the garden is also accessible by a pleasant carriage ride from the medina.

Practical information: :

  • Hours : 8h30h until sunset.
  • Location : Airport Road
  • Prices : Free entry to the garden. Access to the pavilion: 20 dhs.