Founded back nearly 1,000 years, Marrakech has a story out of the ordinary, which it still retains a rich cultural heritage.
As historic heart of the city, the medina of Marrakech concentrates within it the monuments that will delight lovers of history and architecture. In the narrow streets, according to the various souks, discover the Ben Youssef Madrasa or Koubba Almoravid.
Not far from the Jemaa El Fna stands the Koutoubia Mosque, adjoined its famous minaret. More than a simple architectural element, this set has become the symbol of Marrakech.
In neighborhoods of the Kasbah and the Mellah, are the palace have followed the various rulers of the city and the kingdom. You will have the opportunity to discover the Badii Palace, of which only the remains, and the Bahia Palace, a true masterpiece and stooges of Moroccan craftsmanship. Finally, the Saadian Tombs Travel back in this great dynasty.


To get an idea of the wealth of marrakchi crafts and you realize the expertise of its 20,000 artisans and its 40 trades


Besides its famous monuments, Marrakech offers the possibility to the visitor to stroll among its many and varied museums collections. Different faces of Marrakech and Morocco may well be glimpsed. The traditional and popular art is widely represented in the Dar Si Said Museum, the House of Photography at the Museum of Marrakech and Bert Flint. Any time, contemporary art lovers will not be left out: The Museum of Marrakech, already known for its rich collections of ancient artifacts focuses on other expressions of Moroccan art by setting value of contemporary artists. The Museum of Art of Living Foundation and Dar Bellarj you will in turn discover and share their activities and exhibitions of a vibrant and dynamic culture.

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