Small town at the foot of the High Altas 30 kilometers from Marrakech, the mausoleum is located on the road to Ourika. Aghmat existed before the Islamic presence in Morocco. Described as the oldest city in the country, it was a real hub for the surrounding areas. The city, which hosted scholars and scholars, was also a point of passage for traders caravans.
It is during the Middle Ages, considered one of the largest quoted in the Muslim West. It is home to the remains of Al Mouaâtamid, Andalusian poet and last prince of the dynasty of the Abbasids of the Kingdom of Seville, exiled to Aghmat. A mausoleum was erected to the clip, his wife Litimad Rmiqia and his son. It consists of a small dome imitating almoravide dome of Marrakech. The dome is decorated with verses composed by the poet-prince.
History buffs can admire the ruins of the city, between walls, mosque, hammam, remains of houses and walls built from stone and adobe.

Practical information :

  • Location : Aghmat