Unique testimony to the religious architecture Almoravid in Marrakech, Qoubba, which depended on a mosque, was for ablutions.
This rectangular building, enclosed by four pillars, surmounted by a dome decorated outside a carved decoration of arches topped with rafters that frame a hexagonal star.
The decor is similar to those encountered on the dome of the Al-Qarawiyine Mosque in Fez or Qahwat Al-Qoubba Sousse.
Inside the Qoubba remember about him the art of the Caliphate in Andalusia. Polylobed large horseshoe arches, placed directly on the square ledge form the backbone of the dome with a rich floral decoration, incised around a sharply protruding shell. This motif, very present in ancient times, recalls a rich history and numerous exchanges between East and West.

Useful information :
Inside the Qoubba is temporarily closed to visitors.

  • Location : Kaat Benahid, Place Ben Youssef, near the Museum of Marrakech and the Ben Youssef Mosque