For once the entrance to the medina, the 10 gates piercing the walls, called in Arabic Bab are often impressive. Some of them will even be an inspiration for other cities of the kingdom.

Bab Agnaou: Gate "ram without horns," she was named after the two lost towers which composed.Originally built of Guéliz, a gray blue, it has now become red by the action of winds bringing the desert sand. This is the main entrance to the Kasbah which we must build the Almohad.

Bab Er-Robb: In ocher red, this gate, called "grape juice" was used to control the entry of alcoholic beverages.

Bab El Khemis: This gate gives access to the souk of the same name, which means Thursday in reference to the time of day market. The structure of the door probably comes Andalusian influences.Today, a covered souk enables the exchange of antiques and handicrafts. Also according to tradition, the cattle market takes place on Thursday.

Bab Aylen: Named after a Berber people, the door is very recognizable by its angled appearance. It was built by the Almoravids.

Bab Jdid: the busiest gate of the Medina. It is located between the famous palace of La Mamounia and Hivernage.

Bab Doukkala: impressive door built by the Almoravids in the twelfth century, it is backed by two square towers, it provides access to the north of the Medina. The bus station is close today.

Bab Debbagh: This gate is located between the river and tanneries located within the medina, a characteristic smell is.