Sidi Bel Abbes (twelfth century) is the most famous saints of Marrakech. Former teacher entirely devoted to Islam, he succored beggars and blind. The religious complex that bears his name was built in the courtyard of different eras. While the madrasah and mosque dating from 1605, the fountain and the Zaouia (convent where disciples engage in prayer and incantations) are older. The front of the fountain Sidi Bel Abbes, covered with stucco, stretches five arches that allow entry into the fountain.The floor is entirely covered with tiles while the ceiling beams emerge. A row of tiles exposed decorates the upper part of the outer facade suclpté plasters. Access is protected by a particularly ornate gate.

Practical information :

  • Hours : Open daily from 8:30 to 11:45 and 14:30 to 17.45. Closed for religious holidays

Zaouia Sidi Bel Abbas