The best natural sites


You are in Marrakech and you want to cool off? The region of Marakkech offers you ideal places and natural sites to bring your family and make happy memories, Lake Lalla Takerkoust or the Imlil Valley are places that reveal a wild and grandiose setting.You canal so easily swim and enjoy the water activities that are also on site.Visit Marrakech allows you to Discover the best addresses and tips concentrated in the Marrakech-Safi region.

The Ourika valley, a magical place

The Ourika valley, situated 30 km South of Marrakesh remains one of the most frequented destinations the busy of the High Atlas, which explains the presence of some tourist hotels. Attractive Berber villages strew the valley who sinks into the first foothills of the Atlas. Green, its villages in pisé are nested below, it offers a landscape of an exceptional beauty. The cooperatives of saffron are numerous and propose near 45 varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants. The garden of Timalizene, all in terrace, offers also its Berber tea flavored with herbs of the garden. Setti-Fatma is the last stage of the valley, where stops the road. At Tnine Ourika, is located the souk which is held every Monday with its local sellers. Those who prefer the pedestrian circuits will discover numerous villages as well as 7 waterfalls.

Oukaimeden, the highest ski station in Africa

75 km South of Marrakesh, Oukaïmeden is one of winter stations, the highest of
Africa, and the better equipped in Morocco (chairlift and six ski-lifts). The snow coverage, is an average of 120 days between mid december and mid april.
The altitude varies between 2600m (the tray) and 3270m (the summit) to be reached by chairlift. From up here, the view is splendid. The climbing is advised for the amateurs of pedestrian trips. Down a mountain as Toubkal or M’Goun on skis is obviously much faster and more instantly exhilarating, but you will also have to see the old High Atlas from various places and perspectives, not necessarily available for those walking.
The summit of North Africa is a very beautiful place. On the tray, numerous small restaurants offer succulent tagines with olive oil. A manner of combining practical and pleasant.

Lake Lalla Takerkoust

Situated 40 km from Marrakesh, The impressive dam (350m long and 60m high opens on a generous artificial lake of 7km long in a ferrique framework. We can bath, fish and practise different activities, as the pedal boat, the canoe and walks in boats. We can also discover around by renting a quad or a motorcycle to take advantage of the beauty of the place. It is quiet and well temperate in summer, on the road, you will be subjugated by the landscape. Green Oasis, green valleys, hills of the Middle Atlas, dry and arid land sometimes, snowy summits, it is the genuine contrast which makes the interest of this region.

Imlil valley

The Imlil village is situated in 1740m height in the steep flank of the High Atlas. The place is known from hikers because it is here that they take the departure for their hike and the ascents. Imlil, we rise by Aremd (1904 m) and SidiChamharouch (2310 m), along Asifn’AïtMizane. Before reaching the Marabout, you have to spot in the NE face of Aguelzim (the pickaxe), talaten’Ouismeln: 2 big ravines which come down from the summit, it is the one of left. We put generally towards 2 700 m at the elbow of the Asif after the Marabout. From Imlil there are 1500 meters of made uneven and 15 km walk to the refuge. Hold in account!

Toubkal national park

Situated in the central part of the High Atlas, between the valleys of N’Fis and Ourika, this park, created in 1942 on 38.000 ha abounds of a exceptional diversity. The lovers of big spaces and the fanatics of botany will discover it quantities of species and vegetable formations such as zones marked by populatings of holm oak and thuja, in passing other formations constituted by holm oaks, of red junipers and thurifères. The park also distinguishes it self at the zoo logical level by the presence of the oldest reserve of mouflons of Morocco, the reserve of Takhekhort. Besides, the park welcomes numerous species of completely remarkable birds such the golden eagle, the eagle of Bonelli, the eagle of boot, the circaet Jean-Le-Blanc and certain very rare species, as the micro dactyl psammodrome and the grass-snake of Shokar.


Asni is situated 47 km from Marrakesh, at 1150m height, at the foot of Toubkal, the panorama is superb. It is the starting point for beautiful hikes, the beauty and purity of its breath taking landscapes. Around the small villages, orchards and olive groves follow one another and plunge you into the simple and serene life of the rural life. The festival of walnuts is an inescapable event, dedicated to the preservation and to the valuation of the walnut as cultural and patrimonial symbol.

Moulay Ibrahim

40 kilometers from Marrakesh and 5 kilometers of Asni is situated the Berber village Moulay Ibrahim. High perched, it offers a very beautiful view on the valley. Place of pilgrimage for the Moroccans, and also the place for holidays, the village is a departure point for magnificent pedestrian hikes or in 4x4.


Faced with the heat of Marrakech, nothing like a swim to cool off. In Marrakech Places are multiplying and the offer diversifies to meet all expectations. Some will be dedicated more to a quiet day, while others will offer you a day with a DJ. For families, for party goers, for tourists in quest of farniente, you will necessarily find a swimming pool at your convenience, whether in the medina or in the neighborhood.
Different formulas exist: from the access to the park or the swimming pool by the day with restoration and various services.
Also be aware that some hotels and riads also have their own pool or pool, which you can refresh after an intense day of discovery.

  • Oasiria (Swimming pools, slides, and pools dedicated to children)
    Km 4 Route d'Amizmiz - Tél: +212 524 380 438
  • Eden Aqua Park (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Km 4 route Amezmiz - Tél: +212 524 459 449
  • Jardin d'Inès By Christophe Leroy (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Circuit de la Palmeraie BP1488 - Tel: +212 661 082 545
  • Jnane Tihihit (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Douar Makhfamane Lalla Takerkoust - Tél: +212 524 387 352
  • Nikki Beach (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Route des Jardins de la Palmeraie - Tél: +212 663 51 99 92
  • Palooza Land (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Koudiate laabid, route de Casablanca - Tél: +212 524 059 504
  • Plage Privée O'Atlas (Swimming pool)
    KM 20, Route de l'Ourika - Tél: +212 524 484 665/67
  • Pool Lounge (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Rue Harroun Errachid, Quartier de l hivernage - Tél: +212 524 425 600
  • Dar Jellouna (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Km 13, route de l'Ourika - Tél: +212 525 118 621
  • Vizir Center Parc (Swimming pool and restaurant et kids club)
    Route de Casablanca, Ouahat Sidi Brahim - Tél: +212 524 354 141
  • Aqua Fun Club (Swimming pool and restaurant et kids club)
    18 Km, route de l’ourika - Tél: +212 524 487 700
  • Beach Garden (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    N°7 route l'aeroport M'Hamid - Tél: +212 644 953 339
  • Brazilian Beach (Swimming pool)
    13 Route de l'Ourika - Tél: +212 607 690 702
  • Fiesta Beach (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Route de Fes km 6 - Tél: +212 608 440 440
  • Fitness Club (Swimming pool)
    Route de Souihla, Massira II - Tél: +212 524 496 201
  • La Plage Rouge (Swimming pool and restaurant)
    Km 10, Route de l'Ourika - Tél: +212 524 391 176
  • Swimming pool Jnane Leila (Swimming pool)
    353, BD Mohammed VI, Route de L'Ourika - Tél: +212 524 378 870
  • Piscine Manzil La Tortue (Swimming pool)
    Km 12, Douar Gzoula, Route De Ouarzazate - Tél: +212 661 955 517