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During a stay in Marrakech, the desire for a relaxing break isnecessary after multiple excursions and getaways in town. Want to take a step back and access a world of pleasure ? Push the doors of Spa and traditional hammam of the city Marrakech ... and enjoy a moment of relaxation and massage. Live the experiencefully.Subdued lights subtlearomas and relaxing music. Aprofessional team isresponsible for making you feel an air of meditation to makeyou live invigorating treatments as well as stimulants and tonics times.find the alliance of a wellbeing under the magic hands of experts with essential oils of rose, orange blossom….a rich and varied pure line is designed specifically for different budgets. Give yourself a unique journey that will end to succumb to the charm of Marrakech.


Spas in Marrakech are unique in their decoration combining traditional and modernism, as well as the professionalism and know-how of its team and which provides you with adequate care to yourdesires and wishes. In search of a moment of serenity, alone, in couple or with friends, the spa will be more indicated. A high quality service and spread from mineral salts, massages with essential oils to scrub. Establishments whose breath taking sceneries compete with the exceptional quality of the treatments practiced, will make you live an unforgettable moment !


Want to take a step back and access a world of pleasure, to treat through the ablutions of gentleness? the Baths or hammams of Marrakech open the doors for an escape to the happiness associated with a refined and discreet delicacy.
The hammams are public baths where, since the dawn of time, they come mainly to wash them selves, but also to relax and discuss. Present in every quarter of Marrakech, you will necessarily see the entrance of a hammam duringyourstrolls in the city.
If you pay attention to them, you will observe thatthey are generally locatednear a mosque, offering a purification to the body beforeprayer.
Hammams are dedicated to men and otherwomen, but itisalso the case that the same place hosts openings, women and men.
Your hotel or riad may offer you the opportunity to experience this ritual, but if it does not, join the local population in one of the many traditional hammams scattered around. To benefit also from the benefits of these hot baths, have tongues, black soap, horsehair glove and ghassoul, a traditional shampoo based on clay. If you have not had time to get supplies in the souks, these products are also distributed by the hammams.
A complete scrub of the body will be lavished by expert hands.You can easily find an establishment at your convenience any where in the city. It is up to you to choose between a luxury institute or a traditional hammam, where you will indulge after the hammam with a full body scrub, then a beneficent massage practiced by magical hands. And you probably will not do without it!

Spa and Hammam products between traditionalism and diversity


Black soap is a gumming paste, without grain, based on oil and black olives crushed and macerated in salt and potash. It softens and purifies the body.
The black soap scrub is part of the rituals of the hammam. Originally from Morocco, black soap is a 100% natural exfoliating product which eliminates dead skin and purifies the skin deep.


Soap of daily care body and face with Oriental perfume, it hydrates and tones the skin. Thanks to the argan oil it contains, it is recommended to prevent skin dryness and to preserve hydration.
This soap will leave your skin soft and delicately scented.
Argan soap softens, moisturizes, protects and calms irritated skin in daily use on the body and face.


Rhassoul is a particularly soft clay from Morocco. Its purifying and sebo-regulating properties are interesting for oily skin. It is often used as a mask, to clean the epidermis in depth or to bring volume and shine to the hair.
The rhassoul (or rassoul or ghassoul) is a natural clay extracted in the valley of the Moulouya, in Morocco. This depositis unique in the world: rhassoul is thus a rare product, typically Moroccan. This light brown clay has been usedsince the twelfth century in the Middle East and North Africa, both as a clean sing product ("rassala" means "to wash" in Arabic) and as a beauty treatment.


The red, green or white clays according to the type of skin purify it and give it the softness of the satin.


Argan oil allows it to fight against dryness and aging.


The kessa glove is a kind of rough wash cloth very used in the East. The kessa glove is used in hammams for the black soap scrub. The term kessa comes from the Arabic word "kassal" which literally means, regulator or one that allows to relax.
Apply the black soap to a damp skin, leave to act for 3 minutes then rinse with clear water. Use the kessa glove while rubbing vigorously the epidermis to eliminate it as well as the dead skins that it made stand out. Yourglove must be passed on a well moistened skin, it must also be soaked with water to promote the lubrication of the skin and to avoid that it is too aggressive for the epidermis.
Once your skin has passed to the kessa glove and then cleaned with clear water, i twill be soft and satiny. After this treatment, rehydrate the skin with argan oil.